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Give a presentation like an international speaker! Inspire more people with your brilliant ideas and deep engagement. This class helps you creating presentation content, increasing your confidence, engaging with your audience better, and keep your ideas organized. You'll learn:

  1. Prepare and deliver a business presentation.
  2. Captivate your audience with your ideas.
  3. Evolving your business presentation ideas.
  4. Having a deep engagement with the audience.

Be the next global leader!

What will I Learn ?

Prepare and deliver a business presentation

Captivate you audience with your ideas

Evolving your business presentation content

Having a real connection with your audience

This course includes

  • Presentation Excellence's Introduction

What Makes a Good or Bad Presentation
  • What makes for a good or a bad presentation?

  • Quiz 1

Magic Ingredients
  • Magic Ingredients

  • Quiz 2

Parts of a Presentation
  • Parts of a Presentation

  • Quiz 3

Delivery Techniques
  • Delivery Techniques

  • Quiz 4

How to Deal With Mental Anxiety
  • How to Deal With Mental Anxiety

  • Quiz 5

How to Deal With Physical Anxiety
  • How to Deal With Physical Anxiety

  • Quiz 6

The 3Ps
  • The 3Ps

  • Quiz 7

Powerful Conclusion
  • Powerful Conclusion

  • Quiz 8

Don't Try to Memorize
  • Don't Try to Memorize

  • Quiz 9

How Do I Live My Anxiety Plan
  • How Do I Live My Anxiety Plan

  • Quiz 10

The Angle's Cocktail
  • The Angel's Cocktail

  • Quiz 11

The Hero
  • The Hero

  • Quiz 12

Death by Powerpoint
  • Death by Powerpoint

  • Quiz 13

  • Final Test

  • Congratulations! You've completed the course!


  • General English Certificate

  • Handbook

  • Dictionary

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